T.E. Stouyer is the author of the Eritis thriller series.

After graduating from University in Boston, Massachusetts, he worked for over 10 years as a Software Developer and I.T. Consultant, before deciding to fulfil his long-time aspiration of writing fiction novels.

A fan of the thriller genre and of science-fiction, Stouyer’s interest in storytelling began as early as high-school when he started composing poems and short stories. Since then, the long journey from writing computer code to writing fiction, and his personal experience of diverse cultures around the world, have provided Stouyer with a unique perspective and voice, which are reflected in the pages of his books.

While the main goal of his novels is to entertain the readers with adventures filled with fast-paced action, suspense, intrigue, puzzles, and humour, Stouyer also challenges conventional wisdoms in the hopes of engaging the readers, and of prompting them to re-evaluate certain accepted views.


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