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ERITIS suspense thriller series Book I


"One of the most entertaining books I’ve ever read"

5 stars rating
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ERITIS suspense thriller series Book II


"Original and exciting. A real page-turner."

5 stars rating
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ERITIS suspense thriller series Book III


"Great story. With plot twists you'll never see coming."

5 stars rating
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T.E. Stouyer is the pen name of the author of a suspense thriller series.

His stories are characterized by fast-moving action, fun and entertaining dialogues, and unexpected plot-twists.

You’ll also find a diverse cast of characters (each with their good and bad traits) with whom anyone can relate.

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The nonstop action and complex subplots keep Eritis: The Silver Strand Legacy charging to its unexpected conclusion, which will delight those who like their thrillers laced with detective-style intrigue.

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Midwest Book Review

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Exciting and very clever!

Fast-paced with lots of action, intriguing plot lines, and very likeable characters.

Amazon reviewer

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